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YMCA October Century Ride (the first of many)

When: Sunday, October 12th. SAG vehicles will be there at 6AM to get loaded, up. We depart at 6:30 sharp.

Where does it start? Irvine Train Station

Where does it end? San Diego Amtrak (Tijuana station)

How low will it take? about 7-8 hours, assuming a 15 mph average speed, and modest breaks for food/water.

Should I try it? Yes! It'll be fun, and there are train stations along the way for those who can't or don't want to go the "Full Distance".

Do I have to obey traffic laws? Yes. The most important thing for all of us it to STAY SAFE. Obey all traffic laws and don't try to beat traffic lights. If you don't think you will make it, please stop and wait for the light.

YMCA Ambassadors? Yup, that's all of us

Aide: There will be at least two SAG suport vehicles on the route. There are several rest stops where a SAG vehicle will wait for the last riders to come by. Rest stops will have food and water, and be in locations with restrooms.
Although the vehicles will have bike pumps, tubes, tires, etc, it might be while for a SAG vehicle to get to your location to help with mechanical isues. This is why we want each rider to have the capability for basic self-support.

Clean clothes: after 100 miles, you'll want a clean set of clothes. Club veterans who have done a few centuries know this first hand. So, bring what you want to wear home in a bag to the Irvine train station, and we will load it into one of the SAG vehicles. It'll be there for you in San Diego.

Special needs: If you want special food / drink / snacks / gear / etc, please make a couple bags to load on the SAG vehicles (there are going to be at least two SAG vehicles, and you never know which one will be waiting at each rest stop)

Transportation Home: See the Amtrak (or Metrolink) schedule below.

100 Mile Route Details

40 Mile Route - San Clemente Pier Amtrak to Solana Beach Amtrak

Rider and SAG gear lists


Additional Info that might be handy:

Amtrak Northbound Train Schedule PDF, Amtrack's Website for train tickets. (railcars have 3 bike racks per car plus a baggage compartment for additional bikes)

Metrolink Train Schedule PDF, Metrolink'sWebsite for train tickets (railcars have only 2 bike racks per car, and NO baggage compartment for additional bikes)